• Balsamic Beef Satay with Spicy Strawberry Sauce

    With Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, and Fish Friday headlining work and school night dinner menus around the country, I am single-handedly declaring Satay Saturday the cool new weekend thing to do. In my opinion, this famous grilled meat-on-a-stick dish from Southeast-Asia is long overdue in being officially observed as a weekly “what to eat.” And, when I say observed, I mean looked at, drooled at, and then gobbled up!

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  • Spicy Island Pork Tenderloin

    Some like it hot!  In our family, I’m solo on that one.  I am the only that appreciates a slight burn and sweat from spicy food.  I'm not one to eat immensely hot wings or order items that are so spicy they can't be enjoyed but I love a good flavourful heat.  I'm super excited there are two new bold dressings to choose from.  Sriracha Lime and Mango Habenero.  How fun to have a new dressing that also doubles as a marinade!  We're camping this weekend and I plan on bringing my new treasures to share with those who share in my adventurous taste.

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  • Sriracha Lime Salmon and Cucumber Salad

    Living in a cooler state like Wisconsin means that I spend most of the year in my house, bundled up and on the couch. This totally isn’t the lifestyle that I like to live so you can imagine my excitement every year when the warmer temperatures hit. And by warmer I mean at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I find myself wanting to be outside on walks and runs and just tinkering around in my yard. I also find myself grilling nonstop and making this delicious Sriracha Lime Salmon, the perfect combination of spicy and sweet!

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