Munch Madness! Score Big with Healthy Snack Recipes

Soon, every TV in the house will be glowing with college basketball games, every computer will streaming game results, and every hungry basketball fan will be munching madly. It’s a long season for salty chips and greasy chicken wings—that’s why healthy snack recipes are a must during “March Madness” entertaining. What’s great about these snacks, besides being tempting and tasty, is that they’re healthier than store-bought or take-out munchies.

Slicing Potato Chips using a Madoline Slicing Potato Chips using a Madoline


First in the lineup: Homemade Sea Salt & Dill Potato Chips. These crisp, oven-baked chips are made with Yukon Gold potatoes, sea salt, and Litehouse Instantly Fresh Dill. If you have just a half hour before a game starts, then you can plop a bowl of warm, crispy chips in front of your family and friends. A mandolin makes easy work of slicing the potatoes, and a bowl of cold water will prevent the sliced spuds from browning before you can get them in the oven. The fresh flavor and vibrant color of Litehouse Instantly Fresh Dill makes these chips a treat for the eye as well as the palate. The bowl will be empty before half time.

Oven Baked Sea Salt & Dill Potato Chips Oven Baked Sea Salt & Dill Potato Chips


Next up, Shrimp Salad Bites—petite salads that include sliced zucchini, lettuce, pickled asparagus, and cooked shrimp marinated in Litehouse Zesty Italian Vinaigrette. Put these little beauties together and then literally “stick a fork” in them (use disposable appetizer forks and plates). It’s the ultimate in party food strategy: offering healthy snacks, such as salad shots, that help fans’ eyes stay glued to the game. For a more varied spread, include button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and other mini vegetables. A quarter teaspoon of Litehouse Zesty Italian Vinaigrette on top of each mini salad heightens the flavor of the Shrimp Salad Bites.

Shrimp Salad Bites Shrimp Salad Bites


Finally, keep the “munch madness” alive with a bowl full of Brown-Sugar Roasted Pecans with Litehouse Pear Gorgonzola Vinaigrette Dressing. This easy-to-make snack gets its sweetness from free-flowing brown sugar and its mild zing from the vinaigrette. It’s a sweet snack with protein and fiber that your basketball fans will love

Preparing Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans Preparing Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans


Whether their team wins or not, your family and friends will be pleased with the snack lineup. So, make your “Munch Madness” party memorable with healthy snack recipes that include ingredients from Litehouse Foods. Keep the competitive spirit going on game days by logging onto Litehouse Foods’ Facebook Page. Vote for your favorite Litehouse food product for a chance to win awesome prizes. Tweet about your votes on Twitter using the hash tag #LHMunchMadness!

Healthy Shrimp Salad Bites Ready to Serve Healthy Shrimp Salad Bites Ready to Serve


Healthy Snack Recipes

Serves 4 | Finish in Chips - 30 min; Shrimp Salad - 35 min; Pecans - 15 min

Homemade Sea Salt & Dill Potato Chips:
Oven baked and nutritious, this recipe for Homemade Sea Salt and Dill Potato Chips recipe is light on salt and heavy on dill flavor. You’ll have plenty of fans when serve this healthier version of one of America’s favorite snacks.
Shrimp Salad Bites:
Petite and pretty, Shrimp Salad Bites are perfect for appetizers and snacks. For a picturesque presentation, serve these mini salads on tasting plates with miniature forks.
Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans:
When mixed with brown sugar other spices and flavorings, pecans seem to be the most candy-like of all nuts. Pour on the Litehouse Pear Gorgonzola Vinaigrette Dressing for heightened flavor and a glossy finish.


Homemade Sea Salt & Dill Potato Chips:,
4 medium to large Yukon Gold potatoes,
2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil plus more for brushing on potatoes,
Coarse sea salt,
1 Tbsp. Litehouse Instantly Fresh Dill (more if desired),

Shrimp Salad Bites:,
1 pound 21-25 count-per-pound shrimp (raw tail-on peeled and cleaned),
¾ cup Litehouse Zesty Italian Vinaigrette,
1 large zucchini peeled and sliced thinly,
1 bag assorted salad greens,
21-25 spears pickled asparagus (store bought),
1 Tbsp. white sesame seeds,
1 Tbsp. black sesame seeds,

Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans:,
1 pound raw pecan halves,
¼ cup Tbsp. Litehouse Pear Gorgonzola Vinaigrette,
¾ cup free-flowing brown sugar,


Homemade Sea Salt & Dill Potato Chips:

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Wash and scrub potatoes. Cut out the potato eyes if you wish but leaving them helps the chips have a more rustic appearance. Using a mandolin, slice each potato thinly—about 1/16 inch for typical potato chips or 1/8-inch for thicker chips. Drop potato slices into ice-cold water and repeat until all potatoes are sliced.

2. Spread the potato slices on a clean kitchen towel and cover with another clean kitchen towel. Press lightly to dry potatoes slices.

3. Add one Tbsp. olive oil to each sheet pan and spread evenly across pan. Arrange potato slices on pan close but without touching. Bake for 15 minutes until edges are brown.

3. Remove chips from oven and sprinkle sea salt lightly over chips, followed by Litehouse Instantly Fresh Dill. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Shrimp Salad Bites:

1. Place shrimp in medium saucepan and boil until shrimp begin to curl and turn pink, signaling that they are done. Remove shrimp and place them in a glass bowl. Cool shrimp to room temperature, then pour Litehouse Zesty Italian Dressing over shrimp. Marinate in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

2. Place zucchini slices on appetizer or tasting plates. Slice each asparagus spear to two inches in length. Top each zucchini slice with a piece of lettuce, one shrimp, and one asparagus spear. Spoon a bit of the vinaigrette over each salad bite. Garnish with sesame seeds, alternating white and black sesame seeds. Position a tasting fork in the middle of each salad, using the zucchini slices to anchor the forks. Serve immediately.

Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place pecan halves in large bowl for mixing. Pour in Litehouse Pear Gorgonzola Vinaigrette and brown sugar. Mix thoroughly and bake in oven for 10 minutes. Check pecans after five minutes and stir to help prevent sticking. Serve warm.

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