Keys to Vibrant Living Offer Fulfillment to Mind, Body and Spirit

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Maya Angelou Imagine yourself standing at the base of your favorite tree, with all of your inherent strength, goodness and wisdom, looking up until you see quite clearly what you most want in this lifetime.  The fruit at the top represents the thing we most want in our lives; this is called the "sweetest fruit." What does the sweetest fruit at the top of your happiness tree look like?

 Sweetest Fruit

Here are some of the fulfilling life experiences many people enjoy: Self-care and nurturing, balanced eating, enjoyable exercise, self-acceptance and esteem, release from unhealthy habits, financial security now and in the future, physical health and vitality, belonging to social networkds, strong family ties, a loving and intimate relationship, keeping current on world affairs, teaching and training using expertise,  performing civic duties, contributing to causes that matter, maintaining an inviting and enjoyable living environment, spiritual fulfillment, time to relax and restore, meaningful activities such as traveling, hobbies, sports, yoga classes, etc.

These are general topic areas that Living Litehouse lifestyle articles will explore in the future. Check back often to find the articles that help you identify and manifest a vibrant lifestyle for yourself and your family. What is your sweetest fruit? What does vibrant living mean to you?

Think of a time that you felt the immense pride and deep delight of knowing exactly what you wanted and then getting it. Can you remember the electrifying moment that you experienced the unexpected abundance of what you were enjoying? Had you even imagined the satisfaction you would experience? That yearning for well-being is what living a healthy lifestyle is all about.  Vibrant living means finding fulfillment in your mind, body and spirit.  This blog, Living Litehouse, offers simple, effective ways to experience knowing what you want in life and getting it. And when you do, you may find that life is far different and better than you might have expected.

 Active, healthy family lifestyle

Joyful living

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