Healthy Summer Snacking

I know many people, myself included, who work to get a beach body leading up to summer and then throw it all away by pigging out on picnic foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love good picnic food. But when you’re trying to maintain a healthy physique you’ll definitely want to watch the types of foods you’re consuming all summer long. Snack light and you will keep those flat abs and toned arms. So what are some good snacks to munch on this summer? And what can you pack when you’re hitting the beach to avoid those tempting concession stands?   Let’s talk about a few options. Since I tend to frequent my local farmer’s market every weekend during the season my house is usually filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are filled with vitamins and minerals and can satisfy your hunger or sweet tooth.

I’m going to start with fruits because my sweet tooth is my serious downfall when it comes to snacking. I have found that eating a few strawberries or raspberries can help me avoid a giant chunk of brownie at a cookout. Pairing your fruits with Litehouse Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Dip is a really good way to complete your ‘dessert’ and satisfy your sweet tooth. Not to mention it adds a dose of calcium and Vitamin D into your diet.

Vegetables are another healthy way to snack this summer. If you’re looking for a good crunch but want to avoid greasy potato chips, try snacking on carrots or celery. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, how about a kohlrabi? Pairing your veggies with a Litehouse Veggie Dip will continue to satisfy that craving for chips and dip. It can also help cut down on the fat and sodium by using the vegetables and a low-fat dip.  One of my favorite pairings is carrots and Lite Dilly Dip.

Finally, whipping up a more dynamic salad that incorporates fruit, nuts and cheese offers a great summer food and a perfect dish to bring to your next picnic. My go-to dish that I like to bring to cookouts is a spinach salad that incorporates raspberries, walnuts, Gorgonzola crumbles and Litehouse Organic Raspberry Lime Vinaigrette. This salad offers sweet and salty flavors and a tangy dressing with just the right amount of lime. Try it out for dinner tonight or bring it to your next cookout. I guarantee there won’t be a leaf of spinach left in the bowl. Cookouts and beach snacking are pretty much a given in the summer. I suggest packing your own snacks for the beach. Keeping an eye on what you are consuming can help you avoid ruining that summer beach body that you worked so hard to shape. Snack on fresh foods and light dips and you can easily stay on track all summer long.


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