Healthy Snack Stadium for Fit Football Fans

Call it “Piled High” stadium or the ‘Good Eats” gridiron, my healthy snack stadium will have you and your guests eating like champions at any football-watching party. The fan stands are filled with sweet fruits and crunchy veggies while the field is covered in delicious (and nutritious) dips from Litehouse Foods. There’s even a sandwich-making station and an all-access pass to whole-grain chips, pretzels and football decorated deviled eggs on the sidelines!

This Litehouse snack stadium will be the center piece for the most epic super bowl parties!

While I wish I could take credit, the origin of the snack stadium remains as elusive as scoring 50-yard line tickets to the actual Super Bowl. Over the past few years the “Snackadium” concept has become a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, one-upping display of finger food assembled to resemble a football field surrounded by fan stands. I’ve noticed most of these spectacles of snacking are built with not-quite-so-healthy football fare like pizza, hotdogs, greasy chips, queso and other fattening dips – I’ve even seen Twinkies used to brick the stadium walls! My snack stadium puts a healthy spin on all this munching madness and will tackle half-time hunger without ruining all those newborn New Year resolutions. Let me show you how it’s done:

 Build the Frame: Just Google “how to build a snack stadium’ and you’ll find there are lots of ways to build the foundation. One major tip is to start building where you plan to serve – there is no moving his bad boy once it’s loaded up with food. I’ve chosen to use a large oval-shaped basket configured with chicken wire because I think it gives a natural vibe to my farmer’s market inspired masterpiece. The chicken wire (purchased at DIY home project store) is clipped with wire cutters and easily fastened onto the basket with twist-ties. The convenient thing about using the chicken wire is that it is simple to secure food through the links – in fact, the openings are perfect little holders for the berries and broccoli florets.

 Pile up the Eats: Cover the upper half of the chicken wire using kale or leafy green lettuce. Next, layer one end zone and fan stand area with colorful cut-up vegetables( like bell peppers, radishes, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, broccoli and cauliflower) and the opposing end of the stadium with fruits (like grapes, berries, cantaloupe and pineapple). The remaining stadium space can be filled with deli meats, cheeses and breads to create a DIY sandwich station.

 Fill in the Field: Find foil or plastic containers that fit the length of your field – the more containers lined up side by side, the larger the variety of dips that can be offered. Guacamole is a common choice to make a green football field (but it can turn brown fast), so I’ve chose to use a couple varieties of Litehouse Food dips (like Spinach Parmesan and Opadipity Chipotle Ranch) that have been generously sprinkled with Instantly Fresh Parsley to resemble Astroturf. My stadium overflowed with so much goodness that I ran out of room for all my dips – so I just set the salsa and fruit cream cheese dip to the sides with extra munchies. You also need goal posts – mine are made with large pretzel rods that have been “glued” together with melted caramels or you could use a hot glue gun for an inedible option.


 Assemble the Extras: Chances are, not everything you want to serve is going to actually fit in the snack stadium. Accent the perimeter of your stadium with bowls of healthier chips (like quinoa chips, bean chips, sweet potato chips or whatever you like); extra dips, dressings and salads; and fun extras like Football Deviled Eggs. To make these football eggs, simply use your favorite deviled egg recipe and garnish the top with tiny slivers of green onion tops.


 Don’t be afraid to set out all the dips! With a snackadium, more is better!

 The beauty of building a stack stadium is that it can reflect your personal eating philosophy, it can be decorated with extra details in honor of a favorite team and, since there is no official recipe, you can never go wrong with your one-of-a-kind, edible masterpiece! The other great thing -- all the high-fives and “wahoos” you’ll get once friends and family arrive. Enjoy! 

Healthy Snack Stadium

Serves Depends on size | Finish in 2 hours

If hosting a big bowl game party, the only rumbling should be on the football field. Satiate guest’s growling stomachs with a super-sized snack stadium made with healthy ingredients. Colorful veggies, sweet fruits, delicious dips and a DIY sandwich bar will have everyone fueling up like champions.


Instantly Fresh Parsley
Opadipity Chipotle Ranch
Opadipity Cucumber Dill
Spinach Parm Dip
Cream Cheese Fruit Dip
Deli Meats (verity)
Deviled Eggs
Giant pretzels
Yellow peppers
green onion
melon variety


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