Gluten Free Homestyle Ranch Clam Chowder Recipe

Since adopting a pescetarian diet (meaning no red meats or fowl) a number of years ago, I knew that there would be certain dishes that I would miss—like clam chowder. “Traditional” clam chowder has a pork base, so ordering this fabulous dish in a restaurant or buying canned chowder wouldn’t be an option for me.

Similarly, if you or someone you know follows a gluten-free diet, clam chowder, in general, is off limits as well, because flour is a common ingredient in clam chowder. (I must say here that some New England clam chowder recipes do not include flour). As with any regional recipe, it’s difficult to find one representative recipe, because every cook has (and rightly so) his or her own adaptations. Here is a clam chowder that, despite its rich taste, is deceptively easy to prepare This Homestyle Ranch Clam Chowder is adapted to be lower in fat, calories, sodium, and is gluten free. I attribute the rich taste of this chowder, partly, to the addition of Litehouse Homestyle Ranch Dressing. Litehouse Foods’ Ranch Dressings contain fresh ingredients, such as low-fat buttermilk and sour cream—ingredients that boost, rather than compromise, the taste and healthfulness of the Homestyle Ranch Clam Chowder. Another plus: the individually-portioned, 52ml Homestyle Ranch cups are a snap to use: just add three containers for 6 servings, two containers for 4 servings, and one container for 2 servings.

Adding the Ranch Dressing Adding the Ranch Dressing


Fresh or frozen clams (rather than canned) will enhance the recipe and add to the full-bodied flavor that is expected in a good clam chowder. I used fresh-frozen clam and added seafood stock as a flavor booster. By using gluten-free potato-leek soup, I was able to keep the recipe quick and easy yet include the all-important potatoes, which are a classic chowder ingredient. Top each serving of chowder with Litehouse Instantly Fresh Parsley. If, like me, you’ve sworn off traditional clam chowder because of ingredients like gluten, let Litehouse Homestyle Ranch Dressing show you how a traditional recipe can evolve to reflect healthier lifestyles without renouncing great flavor.

Ready to Eat Homestyle Clam Chowder Ready to Eat Homestyle Clam Chowder


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