Easy Marinated Mozzarella and Tortellini Appetizer

It’s Holiday Party time! I love this time of year, I mean I LOVE it. It’s no wonder why, ’tis the season for food! Appetizer potluck parties are all the rage these days and they are surely one of my favorites, if you need me I can be found by the food table!

Every foodie and/or cook brings their best dishes to the table in hopes bringing that Holidazzle to the party, you know you want to hear those “I can’t stop eating you’re appetizer, how do you make it?”. There are a few secrets to not being that person with the untouched blob of… “What is that again?”

• Keep it recognizable- Use ingredients that most people will be able to easily identify and be sure to include one that is widely popular among the masses. You know what I mean, bacon, cheeses, sausages, cream cheese…
• Keep it colorful- there is something so incredibly appetizing about a colorful dish. Be sure to add fresh herbs to beige dips and spreads. It just says “I’m friendly and welcoming, eat me”.
• Keep it simple- this is not the time to attempt a professional level appetizer tower held together with Christmas magic and reindeer tears. Use recipes that you have tasted and served with success. A beautifully prepared simple appetizer surely beats out an intricate overindulgent fail.

So with those key tips to party success I present to you this simple and delicious Marinated Mozzarella and Tortellini Appetizer recipe. It hits all of the required fields:

• Recognizable-every ingredient is easily recognizable not to mention loved by the masses. Mozzarella, salami, and tortellini… You really can’t go wrong there can you?
• Colorful- While this may not be as in your face colorful as Aunt Mauves annual Christmas Sweater it is beautifully presented and festive in nature. The natural colors from each ingredient bring good tidings and cheer to your plate.
• Simple- this one is so easy even your kids could make it. In fact you should have them help while you enjoy a glass of Christmas Spirits.

Marinating the fresh mozzarella pearls is really what gives this dish a bump up in the ranks. Good quality olive oil mixed with herbs and spices adds an extra level of Holidazzle to an already delicious line up of ingredients. Using Litehouse’s Instantly Fresh Herbs such as Basil and Garlic allow me to whip up an olive oil marinade full of fresh herb flavor without even pulling out a knife. Flavor will soak into the fresh mozzarella in as little as an hour but will saturate the cheese if allowed to soak overnight.

For more easy appetizer ideas be sure to check out #LitehouseHolidazzle on Instagram and get inspired to keep the Holidays simple and elegant this year.

Easy Marinated Mozzarella and Tortellini Appetizer Recipe

Serves 15 | Finish in 1-12 hours

Mouth watering fresh mozzarella pearls are marinated in olive oil and herbs then stacked with spicy salami and tender cheese filled tortellini for a simple yet festive one bite appetizer.


  • 1 package Fresh Mozzarella Pearls
  • 1/2 c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp. Salt
  • 1 tsp. Litehouse® Freeze Dried Garlic
  • 1 tsp. Litehouse® Freeze Dried Basil
  • 1/2 tsp. Pepper
  • 1 Bay Leaf
  • 8 oz. Hard Salami Slices
  • 1 lb. Four Cheese Tortellini


  1. Place the mozzarella pearls, olive oil, salt, garlic, basil, pepper, and bay leaf in a bowl and gently toss to coat.
  2. Allow the mozzarella to marinate 1 hour to overnight.
  3. Meanwhile prepare the tortellini according to package directions then cool.
  4. For extra flavor toss the cooled tortellini in the olive oil with the mozzarella.
  5. Layer a tortellini, a mozzarella pearl, and a slice of salami onto a toothpick and arrange neatly on a serving platter.

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