Cinnamon Super Oatmeal Stuffed Apples Recipe

When I sit down in the morning with a homey, comfy breakfast, the day just seems to go better than those crazy grab-a-bar-and-go days. Between school drop-off duty and squeezing in my morning run, I don’t usually have time to scratch-make a lot of leisurely breakfasts. However, oatmeal is always a fairly quick option and with apple season upon us, I had a light bulb moment – Cinnamon Super Oatmeal Stuffed Apples drizzled with Cinnamon Swirl Opadipity by Litehouse sweet Greek yogurt dip.

So, what do I mean by “super” oatmeal? I’m definitely not talking about those pasty, sugary, fake-flavor tasting packets from the cereal aisle. It’s easy-peasy to make your own oatmeal mix that has been fortified with extra taste, texture and nutrition. For example, I like take a bowl full of my dry quick oats and mix in uncooked quinoa, a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spices and so on – then I can scoop out what I need in the morning quickly with no fuss! I add water, microwave and a nourishing breakfast is already going down the hatch before my cup of coffee is done brewing.

96 Oatmeal_Stuffed_Apple_Scoop_686_x_550_converted

I’ve taken this super oatmeal idea one step further by pairing it up with my love for baked apples. But, there’s no lengthy baking – it’s all done in the microwave making it manageable for weekday mornings. It’s super simple to scoop out your apple with a melon-baller to make the perfect little edible bowl.

To add extra fall flavor to this comforting breakfast recipe, I’ve stirred just a bit of Litehouse Food’s Old-Fashioned Caramel Dip as my sweetener – and topped it with cinnamon-sprinkled Almond Vanilla Opadipity by Litehouse! I love this lightly sweet Greek yogurt dip as a healthy topping on all my family’s favorite breakfast foods including this oatmeal recipe, but also pancakes, waffles and granola parfaits.

The Cinnamon Super Oatmeal Stuffed Apple recipe serves two, but you can easily half it for one person or double it for a family of four. Enjoy!

96 Oatmeal_Stuffed_Apple_in_Hand_converted

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