Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches

I’m always looking for quick and easy lunches. One of my tricks is to always have cooked chicken on hand because many recipes call for it. Chicken Caesar Salad has been a popular recipe for a long time, but many people are trying to eat healthier and that means avoiding a sandwich full of mayonnaise.

I like to substitute Greek yogurt in recipes that call for mayonnaise, sour cream and other creamy ingredients.  Web MD states that: “… yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier because the liquid whey is strained out. Also, it contains probiotic cultures and is lower in lactose and has twice the protein content of regular yogurts.” The new line of Litehouse OPA Greek style yogurt dressing includes 70% less fat then regular dressing, is gluten free, has no MSG or preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup. By using yogurt in place of typical dressing ingredients, there is the same creamy texture without all of the calories. That is why the OPA Greek Style Yogurt Caesar Dressing is a perfect fit for a chicken salad sandwich. The amount of mayonnaise is reduced and the delicious tangy Caesar adds extra flavor. One trick I learned while having chicken salad sandwiches at my mother-in-law’s house is to add pickle juice. This may seem extremely strange, but it works! You could obviously omit this in the recipe, but you should definitely try it. You could add many extras in this salad sandwich. I know people love grapes in chicken salad- that would be delicious in this recipe too! I like to top my sandwich with avocado and red onion slices. This is such a quick meal that you can have on hand in the fridge!

Ready to Eat Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches


Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches

Serves 6 | Finish in 10 minutes

Chicken Caesar salad sandwiches are an easy lunch, especially with pre-cooked chicken. Add extra flavor with OPA Greek-Style Yogurt Caesar dressing!


2 ½ cups diced chicken,
1 cup diced sugar snap peas,
¼ cup Litehouse instantly fresh red onion,
½ cup Litehouse OPA Greek style Caesar dressing,
¼ cup mayonnaise,
¼ cup pickle juice,
½ tsp pepper,
¼ tsp salt,
avocado and red onion slices (optional),


Combine all of the ingredients! Use the salad for sandwiches or wraps.

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