Celebrate Spring with Feta Dill Spring Salad

I was just about ready to pack away my sweaters and boots last week when Wisconsin had one of the biggest snow storms of the winter in the middle of April. My grass that was starting to green and the little tulips that were poking their heads through the ground were covered in inches of snow and nowhere to be seen. Since the weather has not been feeling like spring I decided that the only way to get some spring into my life would be through a delicious spring salad made with fresh greens, feta and dill.

Luckily the temperatures went from cold enough to snow back up into the 50-degree range by the end of the week and I am now starting to see some green again! I guess that’s what I get for living in Wisconsin. It feels much more normal to enjoy a delicious spring salad when you’re surrounded by blue skies and green grass. This salad is pretty basic but the flavor combination is nothing short of complex. My new favorite blend of salad is chopped romaine and radicchio mixed with sugar snap peas to add a sweet finish. Ever since Litehouse launched their OPA Greek yogurt dressings I have been obsessed with the Feta Dill flavor. It is perfect for dipping vegetables and is the perfect topping for this spring salad!

Right now you can grab a coupon for $1.00 off any OPA by Litehouse product so that you can make this salad and celebrate spring! You can also enter their Make More With Less photo contest and enter for your chance to win a 16-piece cookware set from Le Creuset! I’m not sure it gets any better and I only wish that I was eligible!

If you’re stuck in a winter-rut you can get yourself out with this delicious salad topped with creamy, light OPA Feta Dill dressing! And if you make it, make sure you post it on social media and tag Litehosue so we can see your creation!

Feta Dill Spring Salad

Serves 4 | Finish in 12 minutes

This simple salad combines the fresh flavors of spring produce to create an amazing meal! The drizzle of OPA by Litehouse Feta Dill dressing is the perfect finish to this delicious salad.


2 cups romaine lettuce, chopped

2 cups radicchio, chopped

1 cup sugar snap peas, thinly sliced

1 cup radishes, thinly sliced

1 cup English cucumber, sliced and quartered

½ cup Simply Artisan Reserve Feta Cheese Crumbles

OPA by Litehouse Feta Dill dressing, to serve

Fresh Dill Fronds (optional)


Combine romaine, radicchio, sugar snap peas, radishes and English cucumber in a large serving bowl and toss to combine.

Before serving, top with feta cheese crumbles and fresh dill fronds if you prefer a stronger dill flavor. Drizzle with Feta Dill dressing and toss to coat. Serve immediately.

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