Caramel Peach Parfaits

It's no wonder why summer is my favorite season. Sunshine, green grass and fruit that actually tastes how it should. Living up North we tend to favour frozen fruit in the fall and winter just due to the lack of flavour but come Summer I load up on the fresh stuff. My fridge is packed with cartons of strawberries, bags of cherries and cute little containers of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. I can't get enough!

Take these peaches for example. I can smell their sweetness right when I walk into my kitchen!  I cut a few of them up last night as a snack and decided to transform the rest into Caramel Peach Parfaits. They're a perfect way to end a meal when you're looking for something a little lighter. They also double as a great alternative for breakfast. overhead 96 Our go to breakfasts are normally oatmeal or eggs and toast so it's nice to throw something a little different in the morning mix. Cool and creamy goes over particularly well in this heat. My kids would like nothing more than to have sugary cereal every day but when they're at summer camps I know cereal alone would wear off in five seconds flat. Especially for my son, who before finishing breakfast is already concerned what's for lunch. This guy can eat!  The caramel peach parfaits each have a whole peach, protein packed Greek yogurt and a ribbon of creamy Litehouse low fat caramel. If you're entertaining, It's fun to have little bowls of toppings set out so everyone can customize their own. I usually have granola, berries, toasted coconut or whatever else is lying around from my famous bulk isle buying sprees. You can make them the night before and simply pull them out of the fridge when you need them.  

Caramel Peach Parfaits

Serves 4 | Finish in 10 minutes

Delicious caramel and peach dessert for those hot summer nights!


4 peaches diced, 1/2 cup Litehouse low fat caramel, 1 500g tub Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Mint sprigs and blueberries to garnish (optional),


Peel and dice the peaches In four small glasses, place a layer of diced peaches. Top with a thin layer of Litehouse caramel. Spoon a thick layer of greek yogurt over top of the peaches and caramel. Repeat two more times ending with yogurt. Add a mint sprig as garnish. Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator.

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