Caramel Apple Overnight Oats

Well it's officially fall and that usually means I'm just about ready to enter cold weather hibernation mode.  These chilly nights make me want to lock the doors and get better acquainted with my long lost tv friends.  Cooler temperatures also give me the feeling of throwing good eating habits out the door but I've made a commitment to keep up with healthier breakfasts.  Once I start the day with something healthy it helps keep me going in the right direction all day.

Overnight oats aren't a new trend but I'm sure happy someone out there started it!  What a perfect way to grab and go in the morning.  These oats are made at night and set up overnight in the fridge.  It's a mad scramble getting everyone ready with breakfast, school and work lunches in the morning so these oats are perfect for saving time.  This week I've been making Caramel Apple overnight oats with vanilla almond greek yogurt dip, shredded apple and delicious toppings like old fashioned caramel dip, apples and a few chopped pecans. 

A good ratio for making overnight oats is half oats and half liquid.  Of course any of the Opadipity greek yogurt dips would be a great substitution.  Especially the cinnamon swirl with all these apples in season.  They're also a great way to use up little bags of leftover raisins, nuts, seeds, shredded coconut or other pantry items.  Next on my to do list will be using sliced strawberries and the creamy cheesecake greek yogurt dip.  Talk about breakfast envy! 

Caramel Apple Overnight Oats

Serves 1 | Finish in 10 minutes plus overnight

As the weather gets colder, you'll wake up later and need this hearty delicous breakfast ready to go when you're ready to eat!


1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oats

2 tbsp Vanilla Almond Greek Yogurt Dip

1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp Almond milk

1/2 shredded apple

Diced Apple, Caramel and Pecans for topping


Place the oats, vanilla almond greek yogurt dip, almond milk and shredded apple in a mason jar or other bowl with a lid.  Stir until completely combined and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, stir the overnight oats and top with diced apple, warmed caramel dip and chopped pecans.

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