• Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings

    My favorite game day food of all time is by far the chicken wing. I could eat several servings all by myself in one sitting without batting an eye, or being embarrassed. I just love them and can’t stop myself until I’m over stuffed. Spicy wings, sweet wings, tangy wings, herby wings… Doesn’t matter, I love them all! As long as they have a perfect sauce, they have to be saucy. Nothing turns me off more than a dry wing. I’ll still eat them mind you, but I won’t be very happy about it!

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  • Feta and Herb Salmon

    Hi, I’m April and I’m trying to lose weight as my new year’s resolution. There. It’s out there. Following my wedding in November, of which I worked very hard to get into shape, I decided to ‘reward’ myself for all of the hard work with a few Christmas cookies. And now, here I am in January trying to fix what I messed up. It’s not that it’s wrong to reward yourself with a tasty cookie here and there but it’s all about moderation, and self-control, which I don’t have.


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