• Four Simply Sophisticated Summer Fruit & Cheese Party Recipes

    Summer has arrived and famer’s markets all over the lands overflow-eth with bountiful selections of the freshest fruits around. I’m as greedy as a kid in a candy store when it comes to choosing my loot – I want it all!  When I’m ready to conjure up new recipes, nothing gets my creative juices flowing more than the sight of berries, stone fruits, melons, figs and other wonders of warm-weather ripeness.

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  • 7 Layer Taco Salad

    I have been on a serious avocado kick lately. I don’t really live in a warm climate for most of the year so when it turns to avocado season I like to eat them until I’m pretty much blue in the face. Or green. Green in the face. I have been putting avocados on pretty much everything, even eating them plain. Including this delicious salad that I have been making for my lunch lately: 7 Layer Taco Salad.

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  • Fruit Rainbow with Cheesecake Cloud Dip

    This year my daughter wants a beach themed birthday party.  Every year around May I start to get a bit anxious and slightly terrified of what she’ll request.  In the past we’ve done a lot of princess parties – easy!  Then moved on to animals.  Pandas and most recently, the Pig.  That one was actually pretty fun.  I sat up at night making tiny pigs out of pink fondant to sit on top of her swimming pig cake.  I can’t imagine not having the internet to reference for ideas!  Then came  American Girl.  Wow!  Just who is this Grace and why are her clothes more expensive than mine?  

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