• Overnight Cinnamon Swirl Waffles

    Well, well Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year. I just love it when a holiday lands on a weekend. Surely this calls for some waffles being delivered right to my bedside at say 10am after I’ve slept peacefully the whole morning? That would be a total stretch around here but a girl can dream. I did lay a pretty big hint when I made these overnight cinnamon swirl waffles though. I was sure to tell him how easy they are and really stressed the overnight feature. Maybe if we get them ready together things will go my way. We’ll see!

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  • Strawberry Cheesecake Valentine's Day Smoothie

    Valentine’s Day is here! I love this fun holiday and everything that comes with it, especially the color pink! Every year I come with a bunch of fun Valentine’s Day themed foods to get the kids excited with me. This year in particular has been filled with a lot of sweet treats, like too many. A healthier option was needed, badly.

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  • 12 Amazing Meals Prepped in One Day For The Rest Of The Week

    Meal prepping saves money and ensures you eat healthy, homemade meals throughout the week instead of resorting to drive-thru. Over the past few years I have created six delicious recipes for Litehouse that you can easily meal prep in one day. Everyone pinned, shared and commented on those like crazy! We decided to make three more meal prep recipes that you can add to the list. You can pick and choose from below what recipes you’d like to make for the week.

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