• Pork Potstickers

    With the holiday season behind us I’m not starting to think about how I can get healthier in January. Every year I question why I overindulge at Christmas but with a few little changes I can easily get my body back on track.

    One of the biggest transitions is getting all of the sugar out of my system and transitioning from heavier foods to lightened meals.

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  • Butternut Squash & Sage Wontons

    I was doing pretty well this past weekend until sheer panic fell over me when I realized that Christmas is only 2 weeks away! I’ve got a mound of gifts to wrap still and a lot of planning to do for Christmas parties. I’ve been so happy that the Living Litehouse blog has been featuring so many ‘Holidazzle’ recipes lately because the lovely bloggers around here have been giving me so much appetizer inspiration!

    Did you catch these great recipes:

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  • 5 Ingredient Pecan and Jalapeno Cheese Dip

    I’m making my lists, checking them and freaking out a little. We are mid December now guys, do you all have your shopping done or have you left a bit too much for the last week like I have? My parents have saved the day and are taking the kids this weekend so my husband and I can power shop till we drop! We also need to replenish the fridge and pantry with basics. Holiday parties have drained our supplies! The most recent gathering involved the ever popular cheese dip.


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