• Cantaloupe, Pancetta & Feta Crostini

    I am excited for all of the delicious summer fruits and vegetables that will now be hitting the supermarkets and farmers markets. Two of my favorite things about the summer are the local, fresh fruits and vegetables, and summer entertaining.

    Made with only a few ingredients, this simple appetizer is perfect to serve at a party or bring to a potluck because of the fresh flavors and minimal prep time. You can easily transport crostini by bringing the topping and toasted baguettes in separate containers and only topping them before serving. 

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  • Balsamic Beef Satay with Spicy Strawberry Sauce

    With Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, and Fish Friday headlining work and school night dinner menus around the country, I am single-handedly declaring Satay Saturday the cool new weekend thing to do. In my opinion, this famous grilled meat-on-a-stick dish from Southeast-Asia is long overdue in being officially observed as a weekly “what to eat.” And, when I say observed, I mean looked at, drooled at, and then gobbled up!

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  • Spicy Island Pork Tenderloin

    Some like it hot!  In our family, I’m solo on that one.  I am the only that appreciates a slight burn and sweat from spicy food.  I'm not one to eat immensely hot wings or order items that are so spicy they can't be enjoyed but I love a good flavourful heat.  I'm super excited there are two new bold dressings to choose from.  Sriracha Lime and Mango Habenero.  How fun to have a new dressing that also doubles as a marinade!  We're camping this weekend and I plan on bringing my new treasures to share with those who share in my adventurous taste.

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