• Slow Cooker Ginger Honey Wings with Baked Carrot & Zucchini Chips

    This is Litehouse’s favorite time of year because we can make things like this epic Healthy Snack Party Stadium for the Superbowl and we get to crown a winner of “Munch Madness,” here in a few months! The final Munch Madness match of 2015 came down to Litehouse’s Instantly Fresh Basil and the new OPA by Litehouse Feta Dill dressing. Basil was ultimately crowned the 2015 winner!

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  • Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings

    My favorite game day food of all time is by far the chicken wing. I could eat several servings all by myself in one sitting without batting an eye, or being embarrassed. I just love them and can’t stop myself until I’m over stuffed. Spicy wings, sweet wings, tangy wings, herby wings… Doesn’t matter, I love them all! As long as they have a perfect sauce, they have to be saucy. Nothing turns me off more than a dry wing. I’ll still eat them mind you, but I won’t be very happy about it!

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