• Influencing Healthy Futures through Exercise and Quality Foods - Fruit and Herb Popsicles

    The outdoor activities that we’ve been enjoying with our children this summer, the walking, biking, and impromptu softball games, might end with the first-day-of-school bell.  This is the week, Exercise with Your Child Week (August 4-10), that we can bolster a pledge to work out with our kids. Beyond fun, regular family exercise, along with healthy eating, is an endowment for a child’s future health.

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  • Fusion of Fast Flavor - Cilantro, Lime & Feta Compound Butter

    Compound butter is just a fancy way of saying butter with yummy stuff mixed in. If you really want to strut your culinary stuff, announce this sophisticated (yet simple) creation in the manner a snooty waiter might in an expensive French restaurant --  beurre composé. Now that you’ve got that rolling off your tongue, it’s time to let your taste buds have a little rendezvous with remarkable flavor. Compound butters are so quick and easy to make, there is absolutely no cooking involved.

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  • Litehouse Sponsors Celebrity Cook-Off Event

    Sandpoint Farmin Park Stage

    Good times were had by all at the Sandpoint Summer Sampler and Celebrity Cook-Off, a recent event sponsored by Litehouse Foods. The event was held at Farmin Park, a popular spot in the heart of downtown Sandpoint. The sampler included the area’s favorite restaurants, breweries and wineries that served samples of their most delectable culinary dishes, wines and brews.

    Winning Appetizer Dish


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