Jim Frank

President & CEO

“Passion and people create a better business and, in turn, a better community.”

With over 38 years of grocery retailer experience, Jim’s career began at his family’s grocery store before he spent 26 years in the grocery retailing industry managing marketing, merchandising and operations of the perishable departments in various divisions throughout the US including the Northwest Region of US. 

In 2006 Jim joined Litehouse as head of sales and marketing where his passions brought him to the role of President and CEO. Since 2011, Jim has led with an overarching goal of having company success transcend beyond the business onto employee owners, their families and local communities. Jim illustrates his values through both his professional and personal life. He sits on the Bonner General Hospital Board of Directors and was elected to and serves on the Pend Oreille Hospital District Board of Trustees. Jim is also involved in many other non-profits and community organizations including those focused on children, education and hunger. 

Jim’s family includes his wife, Julie, daughter Candice, son Conrad with his wife Whitney and granddaughters Tia Grace, Lydia Hope and Abigail Rose.