Marlene Dosher is an Idaho native. Born and raised in Dover Bay, Marlene and her sister grew up enjoying all four seasons Sandpoint has to offer, but she has especially fond memories of winter, such as having her horse pull her around the backyard on skis when she was young.


Marlene is a grandmother to two beautiful girls, Lily and Sage. She cheers the girls on in soccer, basketball, and golf throughout the warmer months. When winter arrives, she and the girls play together in the snow, going snowshoeing or building your classic snowman. After a long day in the cold, Marlene gathers her girls in the kitchen to cook. Homemade pizza dipped in Litehouse Homestyle Ranch is a family favorite, followed by warm chocolate cookies drizzled with Litehouse Caramel for dessert.


These rich cookies have the perfect amount sweet flavor balanced out by a hint of savory salt.

Homemade Pizza Recipe

Pizza is always better when dipped in creamy Litehouse Homestyle Ranch and dusted with your favorite Instantly Fresh Herbs!

Litehouse is such an amazing place to work. I love the people, everyone is so friendly.

Marlene Dosher