Greek Pasta Salad

Serves 20 | Finish in 25 minutes

This is a flavorful pasta salad and a perfect addition to any potluck or backyard barbecue. This is quick, easy and full of fresh ingredients!


1 16 oz box pasta any shape (I used Cavatappi),
2 ½ cups halved cherry tomatoes,
2 cups sliced mini cucumbers,
1 cup kalamata olives,
1 cup Greek yogurt,
2 cups Litehouse Greek vinaigrette dressing,
1 cup OPA by Litehouse™ Kalamata Feta Dressing,
1 tsp Litehouse Instantly Fresh Dill,
1 cup Litehouse Feta Cheese,


1. Cook pasta according to directions. Rinse under cold water and drain.

2. While pasta is cooking, slice the cucumbers, tomatoes and olives.

3. Mix the yogurt and dressings together.

4. Put the cooled pasta in a large container and add the cucumbers, tomatoes and olives.

5. Add the dressings.

6. Add the dill and feta cheese.

7. Combine and serve.

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