Classic Charcuterie Board Recipe

Serves 8 | Finish in 20 minutes

This Classic Charcuterie Board is a beautiful and tasty appetizer. Perfect for a small group of people, this charcuterie board is a fun, versatile, and delicious dish, sure to please any guest!

Photography by Lexi Harrison | Crowded Kitchen.


  • Litehouse® Simply Artisan Blue Cheese Center Cut
  • Other Cheeses
    • Emmentaler
    • Cheddar
    • Gouda
    • Jack
  • Olive Bowl
    • Green Olives
    • Black Olives
    • Feta Crumbles
    • Litehouse® Freeze Dried Thyme
    • Litehouse® Freeze Dried Chives
  • Meats
    • Salami
    • Pepperoni
    • Prosciutto
  • Crackers (2-3 kinds)
  • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Grapes
    • Guava
    • Blood Oranges
    • Carrots
    • Cucumber
    • Radish
    • Purple Cauliflower
  • Extras
    • Dried Cranberries
    • Praline Pecans


  1. Slice the cheeses into a variety of shapes – cubes, slices, crumbles, etc.
  2. Make the olive bowl. Combine the black olives, green olives, and feta crumbles. Sprinkle with Litehouse® Freeze Dried Chives and Thyme.
  3. Slice the salami and peperoni logs into rounds.
  4. Chop the fruits and vegetables into bite-sized pieces. For a beautiful spread, try to choose a different shape for each fruit or vegetable.
  5. Assemble the board. Start by spreading the cheeses, meats, and olive bowl across the board. Then add the crackers near a cheese. Next, place the chopped fruits and vegetables around the board. Fill in any gaps with dried cranberries and praline pecans, or other dried fruits and nuts of choice.

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