Tropical Chicken Kabobs with Raspberry Lime Glaze

Summer is finally here! It sure did take forever to show up didn’t it? Living in Midcoast Maine gets you itching to hit the beautiful beaches as soon as appropriate weather arrives and makes you never want to leave. That is exactly what is happening in this house. We hit the beach every sunny day we get and we literally spend the day with our toes in the sand.

Beach days come with many rewards for a mother of four young children.

  • The kids don’t fight, at all. There is simply too much room and enough sand for everyone. What is there to fight over?
  • The kids don’t live to eat me out of house and home. They are too busy playing! I actually have to force them to join me on our blanket for lunch.
  • Mom gets to simply lay around. Sure I help build the occasional sand castle, but for the most part I’m relaxed as eggplant on a child’s plate. Not a soul will disturb me.
  • The ride home is silent. Kids pass out before we even leave the parking lot.
  • My house stays clean (okay…. it stays ¨picked up¨) for an entire day! Nobody was here to mess it up!
  • Bedtime comes early and easily. Complete exhaustion takes over their little bodies and I usually find them splayed out/passed out wherever they last sat down to watch cartoons.

This leaves me with one little problem, I have to get dinner on the table before the passing out session begins. If it doesn’t happen quick enough chances are they won’t eat at all. Since I plan on passing the summer days with beach filled fun I must come up with a collection of quick, light, simple, delicious, and healthy summer recipes. Hot dogs just won’t cut it, but kabobs sure will! What kid doesn’t love eating anything off of a stick? You could slap any kind of meat and veggies on a skewer and most will go to town, even if it is just for the chance to have a ¨sword fight¨ with the emptied skewers before Mom notices what’s happening.

Ingredients for Chicken Kabobs Ingredients for Chicken Kabobs


My kids especially love these Tropical Chicken Kabobs. They are super colorful, full of fun flavors, and they get to sprinkle the coconut on their own kabobs. I love them because they are full of different nutrients from the pineapple, and bell peppers. I can feel good knowing their bodies are being recharged after a taxing and tiring day. For a fun spin I glaze these kabobs with Litehouse’s Organic Raspberry Lime Vinaigrette. It adds a surprising sweet and tangy twist to the recipe and hello… That toasted coconut has got to have something to stick to!

Ready to Cook Ready to Cook


Since these kabobs are cooked on a grill pan (or even in your oven) there is no need for soaking wooden skewers, heating up the grill, or worrying about losing chunks of food between grill grates.  Any variety of vegetables or tropical fruits can be used and buying pre cut ingredients can save you even more time in the kitchen! Sun got you worn out? Have the kids skewer their own kabobs! They’ll love coming up with their own patterns for skewering and one more job will be taken off your hands.

Ready to Serve Ready to Serve


Tropical Chicken Kabobs with Raspberry Lime Glaze

Serves 6 | Finish in 30 minutes

My kids especially love these Tropical Chicken Kabobs. They are super colorful, full of fun flavors, and they get to sprinkle the coconut on their own kabobs.


3 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into cubes,
3 bell peppers of any variety cut into chunks,
1 pineapple cut into chunks,
1 bunch scallions cut into 2 inch pieces,
1 c. Litehouse Organic Raspberry Lime Vinaigrette,
¼ c. toasted coconut flakes,


1. Place the vinaigrette in a small sauce pot over medium low heat.
Simmer 5 minutes, remove from heat, and set aside.

2. Skewer the meat, veggies, and fruit onto skewers in any order you desire. Season each filled skewer with salt and pepper.

3. Heat a grill pan over medium high heat and spray with nonstick cooking spray.

4. Cook the kabobs 7-10 minutes on each side or until chicken pieces are cooked through. Brush each kabob with the thickened vinaigrette after the first side has cooked.

5. To finish sprinkle each kabob with toasted coconut and serve!

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