Savory Greek Yogurt Gobbetti with Olives

I venture to guess that every home cook has one dish that has yet to be perfected. For many experienced cooks that dish may be Coq au Vin, Baked Alaska, or any type of Soufflé. Me? I struggle with macaroni and cheese. It’s a cruel kitchen irony that I, a Southern-born cook, fear elbow pasta and can’t fathom the equation of cheeses that will equal a creamy, velvety pasta and cheese dish. I shun cheese substitutes, so these are not options. Then, I learned that Litehouse Foods created OPA, a line of Greek-style yogurt dressings, and I began to feel hopeful. Could this be the ingredient that would lend the smoothness and creaminess that had eluded me during my attempts at macaroni and cheese?

I studied other recipes for creamy macaroni and cheese, and I observed a pattern of ingredients among these recipes. Ingredients such as butter, flour, half-and-half and (in some) processed cheeses were listed. I tend to use non-fat or low-fat ingredients when I cook, so I concluded that a decadent macaroni and cheese was beyond my culinary reach—until now. Once I tasted a spoonful of Litehouse Foods’ OPA Feta Dill Greek-style dressing, I knew that it would work well with pasta. What I love about this dressing is its lightness and flavor. The non-fat Greek yogurt ensures this dressing’s creaminess and lightness, and it’s only 50 calories per serving. Fresh feta cheese and dill deliver ample flavor. It’s an all-natural dressing and cooking ingredient as well—no substitutes here.

Milk and Cheese Sauce for Gobbetti and Cheese Dish Milk and Cheese Sauce for Gobbetti and Cheese Dish


For this Savory Greek Yogurt Gobbetti with Olives, I used whole-wheat pasta to increase the fiber content of the dish and decided to try Gobbetti pasta (breaking my unlucky tradition with elbow pasta). I still used the lower-fat ingredients, which I’m comfortable serving to my family. Litehouse Foods’ OPA Feta Dill dressing did not disappoint. This macaroni and cheese dish was creamier and more flavorful than its predecessors. Finally, I had success.

Pasta and Opa Dressing Pasta and Opa Dressing


Whether you excel with pasta and cheese dishes or are a (former) bungler like me, Litehouse Foods’ OPA Greek-style dressings are a versatile and tasty ingredient to pair with pasta.

Gobbetti and Cheese Ready to Serve Gobbetti and Cheese Ready to Serve



Savory Greek Yogurt Gobbetti with Olives

Serves 8 | Finish in 35 minutes

This elegant, savory pasta and cheese side dish gets its creaminess and flavor from OPA Feta Dill Dressing. Use lower-fat ingredients and still achieve full flavor in recipes with Litehouse Foods’ new Greek-style yogurt dressing.


16 oz whole wheat Gobbetti Pasta,
2 cups 2% milk,
6 oz 2%-milk sharp cheddar cheese shredded,
3 Tbsp. “Three Cheese Egg Beaters",
½ cup Litehouse OPA Feta Dill Dressing,
1 3.8 oz can sliced, ripe black olives drained,
Oregano to taste


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare pasta according to package directions. Drain pasta and set aside.

2. Heat milk until it begins to simmer (but not boil). Turn off heat, add cheese and stir until cheese melts.

3. Place pasta into 3-quart baking dish. Add egg product, OPA Feta Dill Dressing, and olives. Stir to blend ingredients.

4. Bake pasta for 15 minutes until it becomes bubbly and brown on the edges. Garnish with oregano and serve.

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