Herb and Goat Cheese Logs Recipe

I live in the Midwest and the bitter cold and snow has arrived. December 21st marks the beginning of the winter season, which surprises me that it’s so late because it certainly has felt like winter has been here for a while now. Aside from the traditional holidays associated with winter, there is another holiday known as Yule that marks the season.

Yule, or Yuletide, is traditionally a German celebration of the rebirth of the sun’s power and typically lasts for around two months.  Yule typically falls over the New Year’s holiday and marks the budding of a new beginning.  Just as we set New Year’s resolutions, this is what Yule celebrates.  Years ago a huge log was placed on the fire at the start of Yule and would traditionally burn for several days over the season. Today, those who celebrate Yule traditionally have a log with evergreens, holly and candles. Sometimes people even have cakes that look like Yule logs.  I personally would prefer the cake!  Creating a Yule log is a great activity to do with children. You can start by heading outdoors to find the perfect log and bring it home to decorate. You can really make a day of this adventure by packing lunches and hot chocolate to enjoy while searching for the perfect Yule log! Enlist the children to help decorating the log with pine cones, holly, cranberries, cinnamon sticks and festive ribbon. Once your Yule log is decorated you can use it as a centerpiece on your dinner table, surrounded by candles and greenery. You can also opt to burn your Yule log as a symbol of new beginnings for the upcoming year.

Herb & Goat Cheese Logs Ingredients Herb & Goat Cheese Logs Ingredients


To celebrate Yule, I am sharing a tastier version of Yule logs made out of goat cheese and a combination of Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs.  This is a great appetizer to bring to holiday celebrations and you can put together a nice array of flavor combinations with just a couple of herbs. I’m sharing a fiesta goat cheese log composed of lime zest, Instantly Fresh Jalapenos and Instantly Fresh Cilantro. For a milder flavor (and one that will ward off the vampires) I’m sharing a goat cheese log coated in Instantly Fresh Garlic and Instantly Fresh Spring Onion.  Both are delicious if served with crackers or bread. Do you have a tradition with your family that marks new beginnings with a new year?

Ready to Serve Herb & Goat Cheese Logs Ready to Serve Herb & Goat Cheese Logs


Herb & Goat Cheese Logs

Serves 6-8 | Finish in 1 hour and 5 minutes

Herbed goat cheese logs are a quick and easy appetizer to bring to your next party.


2 – 4 ounce goat cheese logs,
Zest of 1 lime,
1 teaspoon Instantly Fresh Cilantro,
1 tablespoon Instantly Fresh Jalapenos,
1 tablespoon Instantly Fresh Spring Onion,
1 teaspoon Instantly Fresh Garlic,


1. Lay out two pieces of plastic wrap on a flat surface.

2. On the top of 1 piece of plastic wrap sprinkle the lime zest cilantro and jalapenos. Place one goat cheese log in the center of the herbs and roll the plastic wrap tightly around the log.

3. On the top of the second piece of plastic wrap sprinkle the Instantly Fresh Garlic and Instantly Fresh Spring Onions. Place the second goat cheese log in the center and repeat the process of rolling the herbs around the cheese.

4. Lightly squeeze the plastic wrapped cheese to adhere the herbs to the cheese log and refrigerate for 1 hour.

5. Serve the cheese logs with crackers and bread.

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