Grilled Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks made with Blue Cheese Crumbles Recipe

Summer to me is all about grilling and entertaining friends and family. I like to grill a wide variety of entrées, so that way no one is burnt out on hamburgers and hotdogs. I feel like chicken drumsticks are the perfect summertime grilled lunch or dinner. They are packed with protein, marinated in spicy buffalo sauce, and topped with Litehouse Simply Artisian Blue Cheese Crumbles.

The day I made these grilled buffalo chicken drumsticks, I had 14 friends over for an impromptu pool party/barbecue and lunch. The day before our pool party I threw the chicken drumsticks into a gallon sized bag along with the buffalo sauce. I massaged the sauce on to all the drumsticks, sealed the bag, and placed them in the refrigerator until the next day when I was ready to grill them.

Adding Litehouse Blue Cheese Crumbles to Grill Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks

Once I was ready to grill the drumsticks all I had to do was spray a little nonstick cooking spray onto my grill grates and throw them on the grill. Do not skip this step--it's key to the drumsticks not sticking to the grill grates! Once the internal temperature reaches at the very least 165°F I removed them off the grill and poured a little more buffalo sauce on top of the drumsticks. On the same platter, I sprinkled about a half package of the Litehouse Simply Artisian Blue Cheese Crumbles. Talk about easy summertime entertaining! I made sure to have a jar of Litehouse Original Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip next to the drumsticks for anyone who wanted to submerge their drumsticks in the delicious creamy Blue Cheese dressing.

Once I served the drumsticks to the table, and everyone grabbed a plate and started to dig in, it became extremely quiet. I typically know that is a good sign! After a few bites I had friend after friend raving about how delicious these drumsticks were. Everyone wanted to know the recipe. Once I told them how easy these were to make, they were all in shock! Even the most amateur cook can make these mouthwatering spicy buffalo chicken drumsticks.

Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks on the grill

You can serve these buffalo drumsticks with a wide variety of side dishes and accoutrements. If you have veggie lovers, you could even cut up some celery sticks and carrot sticks. Here are a few other side dishes that would go great with these drumsticks at your next barbecue:

The side dishes I mentioned above are perfect for a warm summer day barbecue. If you’re entertaining during football season, you could serve potato skins, loaded french fries, or even loaded nachos. Think about the ultimate pub food. I love the large chicken drumsticks because unlike wings, where you have to eat 10 to feel full, you only need to eat 2 to 3 of these large drumsticks. Plus they aren’t as messy! If you're looking for simplifying  entertaining this summer, I hope you'll give this recipe for Grilled Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks with Blue Cheese Crumbles a try!

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