Cook Smart! Easy Meals with Litehouse Products

In our working lives, plenty of us have learned to “work smarter rather than harder.” However, in the kitchen, the timesaving know-how that is at our command at work doesn’t always transfer to the kitchen when we’re pressed to produce a weekday meal. At some point in our cooking lives, we will stand in front of the fridge—sometimes a fully stocked one—and think, “I’ve got nothing.” Having Litehouse Products in the fridge and pantry provide options for cooking smart in the kitchen and generating flavorful meals in less than an hour. 

Fish Ingredients for an Easy Meal Fish Ingredients for an Easy Meal


Litehouse Dressings, Veggie Dips, and Instantly Fresh Herbs are flavor-packed products that help home cooks like us to cook smart and serve easy meals anytime. I keep a supply of cod fillets in the freezer (for you, it might be skinless, boneless chicken breasts) for easy meals. On one of those days when I would rather leap into bed than cook a meal after work, I open the fridge and reach for the Litehouse Toasted Sesame Ginger Dressing. This is my go-to dressing. The soy and ginger flavor is superb with any fish. It has that hint of umami, a savory flavor, which is so suitable with seafood.

Brushing Fish with Flavor Brushing Fish with Flavor


Miso paste is another stock item in my kitchen that helps me create easy meals. Litehouse Toasted Sesame Ginger Dressing (a marvelous marinade on its own) thickens when miso paste is added and the umami taste factor intensifies. Besides, with this combination I save at least 20 minutes of marinating time—a plus on the weeknight--by just brushing the whisked ingredients directly on the fish.

Cauliflower with French Onion Dip Cauliflower with French Onion Dip


While the fish roasts, I grab a whole cauliflower, slice it into florets, and cook it in the microwave until it’s soft enough to mash. Next, I reach for the Litehouse French Onion Dip, add it to the cooked florets and blend the ingredients until smooth like whipped potatoes. I dub this dish Whipped French Onion Cauliflower. Sinless and sensational, it’s a hit at the dinner table - another easy meal.

Cauliflower in Blender Cauliflower in Blender


Unlike working smart, cooking smart is less about skill than about having the right food products within reach. We all have those weeknights when, despite available ingredients, we still come up empty. However, with Litehouse products in the fridge and pantry, we will not want for flavor.

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