The Best Halloween Appetizers: Halloween Meat and Cheese Tray Recipe

Halloween can be a fun time of year, especially for the kids. Whether you go to a Halloween party or stay at home and watch scary movies, it can be fun to make things a little spooky for the occasion. A few years ago I made this Poison Apple Halloween Punch with Litehouse’s Apple Cider. It is delicious and SO spooky and only includes a few ingredients. You can even reuse your empty Litehouse dressing jars to make these decorative “poison-filled” potion jars and place them around the table for effect.

Here’s how to create a spooky-themed food table with the Best Halloween Appetizers. Make some of these delicious Halloween-themed recipes from the amazing Litehouse bloggers!

Poison Apple Halloween Punch - a delicious punch made from apple cider, cranberry juice and 7up. Keep it kid-friendly or add an adult twist!

Halloween Monster Popcorn - a sweet, caramel popcorn mix.

Guacamole Frankenstein - meet Frank! This guacamole Frankenstein dip is more cute than scary!

Halloween Eyeball Cheese Appetizers - these fun cheese appetizers have only three ingredients!

Spooky Caramelized Onion Cheeseball - this cheeseball is covered in poppy seeds!

Adults love charcuterie boards, but they are not always kid-friendly. Here is a meat and cheese tray that both parents and kids will enjoy for the Halloween festivities. This recipe is not necessarily something you need to follow ingredient by ingredient to have a delicious final product. You can use your favorite orange and black colored foods to come up with an appetizer your guests will love. Use cookie cutters to cut the meats and cheeses into festive shapes. I like to use Simply Artisan Gorgonzola cheese center cut and a block of cream cheese with jam. Looking for certain Litehouse products? Find a store near you!

What are you going to have on your Halloween meat and cheese tray?

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