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Litehouse Foods Chooses Kaniksu Land Trust For Nationwide Giving Program

SANDPOINT – Litehouse Inc. is known as a hometown hero of sorts in the rural community where it began. Started by a local family, the business has become a nationwide household name and is now 100% employee owned. The brand has worked hard to stay true to its community roots, despite its international success and ranking as the No. 1 Refrigerated Salad Dressing brand in the United States1. One way they have done this is by giving back to the communities they serve, particularly the local community that nurtured the success of that fledgling small business in the 1960s: Sandpoint, Idaho.

In 2020, Litehouse launched Green Garden, a brand that makes better-for-you food products, including organic and non-GMO freeze dried herbs, and non-GMO plant-based dressings, dips and mayos. Last year, Green Garden launched the “5% Planting the Future” initiative, through which the brand donates 5% of annual net income to support planet-focused youth initiatives that educate young adults on ways to be stewards of their communities and planet. Kaniksu Land Trust (KLT), also based in Sandpoint, has been selected as the first recipient to benefit from the “5% Planting the Future” program.

“We are committed to balancing individual hopes and the collective needs of others – our youth, our families, our communities, and our planet,” explained Krystle Turnbull, Product Manager for Litehouse Inc. “Through Green Garden’s ‘5% Planting the Future’ initiative, we’re able to play a part in creating a more sustainable future for the next generation.”

When asked why Green Garden chose KLT, Turnbull said, “Kaniksu Land Trust has a reputation for doing noble things to support the well-being of the Sandpoint community. Our shared core values of fostering community, supporting youth initiatives, and general stewardship make KLT an ideal recipient.”

Kaniksu Land Trust works with willing private landowners to protect special places and applies land-based solutions to community challenges ranging from education to food security. KLT’s nature education program, Rewild the Child, which takes kids outdoors to foster interest in conservation and stewardship of the land, in turn, providing numerous health and social benefits to the child, has grown immensely popular over the past six years since its inception and now offers over 2,200 youth days of outdoor learning and nature immersion each year. The program serves to foster an ethic of stewardship and conservation while also providing health and wellness benefits to local children for future generations.

KLT’s full suite of education programs, from school outreach to summer camp, includes a nutrition aspect to ensure children’s basic needs are met so that they are ready to learn and explore.

“All of our education programs include food. Every child gets the same snack, meal, and drink, creating a sense of inclusivity and belonging,” said Katie Cox, KLT Executive Director. “This partnership with Green Garden is so meaningful because we are all concerned with the same things: community, children, and stewardship of this beautiful place we call home. We are honored to have been selected as Green Garden’s first ‘5% Planting the Future’ recipient.”

Turnbull concluded, “As a 100% employee-owned company, it is in our DNA to support organizations that benefit communities and drive change to build a better future.”

Green Garden products are available locally from the Litehouse Specialty Food Store, located at 125 S. Second Avenue in downtown Sandpoint.

To learn more, visit eatgreengarden.com and kaniksu.org/Learn.

Zaxbys Zax Sauce, Spicy Zax Sauce, and Tongue Torch Sauce now available for retail customers nationwide.

Zaxbys® Brings its Signature Sauces to Flavor-Craving Customers This Summer

Beloved Southern quick-service restaurant known for its bold sauces and hand-breaded Chicken Fingerz launches its classic sauces for consumers to purchase at local and national retailers

ATLANTA, Ga., July 17, 2024 – For the first time ever, saucy chicken chain Zaxbys is bringing its legendary sauces to retail customers nationwide. Known for its famous Chicken FingerzTM and signature sauces, Zaxbys’ new product line meets the demand of flavor-craving consumers with three bottled fan-favorite sauces including: Zax Sauce®, Spicy Zax Sauce® and Tongue Torch® Sauce now available for customers to dip, dunk and drizzle with any meal from the comfort of their homes.

Zaxbys has always encouraged fans to be bold and original, a dedication that has fueled its growth and defined its restaurant heritage for over 30 years. Now, consumers can experience Zaxbys’ iconic sauces on the go or at home nationwide. Even longtime fans who may no longer live near a Zaxbys restaurant can now savor the same irresistible taste from afar, ensuring they never have to be bland again.

“Sauce has been woven into the fabric of Zaxbys since 1990, and just like our delicious chicken, customers can’t get enough of our signature sauces,” said Patrick Schwing, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Zaxbys. “Our partnership with Litehouse for the retail development of our acclaimed saucefolio will help us reach a new group of consumers, and our current fans, in grocery store aisles and online retailers. Zaxbys fans will soon have a new way to enjoy our famous sauces at home to upgrade their everyday meals and spice things up.”

Just in time for summer, Zaxbys’ new sauces are hitting shelves at Southeast grocery stores, including Walmart, Kroger, Winn Dixie, and online via Amazon to pack a flavorful punch in consumers’ favorite dishes. The product lineup will include 16-oz plastic bottles of Zaxbys’ bold and zesty classics:

  • Zax Sauce®: A recipe so secret, it’s locked in a vault (literally). The legendary Zax Sauce® is a creamy, tangy sauce with a blend of signature spices.
  • Spicy Zax Sauce®: Spicy Zax Sauce® is a twist on the famous Zax Sauce with some added heat. Can you handle it?
  • Tongue Torch® Sauce: With aged peppers, garlic and mustard seeds, Tongue Torch® Sauce has become an instant fan favorite.

Consumers can keep it saucy with the new Zaxbys sauce lineup beginning July 2024. Zaxbys sauces will be available regionally across the United States in the South and Southeast in the shelf-stable sauce aisle in grocery stores, Walmart, Kroger, Winn Dixie, and on Amazon.com for a suggested retail price of $4.48 - $4.98. For more information, visit https://www.zaxbys.com/. 

About Zaxbys

Founded in 1990, Zaxbys® is committed to serving delicious Chicken Fingerz™, Zalads®, wings, and signature sauces with Southern hospitality and a modern twist. Zaxbys has 950 locations in 17 states and is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit zaxbys.com or zaxbysfranchising.com.

Veggiecraft launches eight revitalized products featuring improved recipes and contemporary packaging

Veggiecraft Raises the Bar with its New and Improved Formula and Packaging, Offering More Innovative and Appetizing Options for Consumers at Shelf

Veggie-based pasta brand, Veggiecraft incorporates new manufacturing process to launch eight revitalized products featuring improved recipes and contemporary packaging

Sandpoint, ID., July 10, 2024 – Veggiecraft, known for its dynamic lineup of veggie-based pastas, announced the nationwide relaunch of its improved formula and new packaging to introduce more consumers to its offerings. The updates include a completely refined recipe and a modern packaging design for all its items including Veggiecraft Cauliflower Rotini, Veggiecraft Zucchini Penne, and Veggiecraft Sweet Potato Spaghetti. The new formula now features a classic, neutral flavor and a sturdier al dente consistency that holds its shape.

Since its founding, Veggiecraft’s three-ingredient pastas have stood out in the plant-based pasta scene by providing an easy way to eat veggies. Each serving contains one-third of your daily recommended vegetables. To inform the relaunch, Veggiecraft relied heavily on consumer feedback to keep the key attributes brand fans love—veggies in every bite, gluten-free, and a good source of protein and fiber--while enhancing the taste and texture to closely resemble traditional pasta.

“People have this perception that veggie-based pasta isn’t as tasty as traditional pasta, but choosing a gluten free pasta option shouldn’t mean missing out on flavor texture,” said Caroline Creasey, Veggiecraft Brand Manager. “With our new Veggiecraft pasta line-up, everyone can enjoy their veggies while still savoring every bite.”

The product line includes eight new and improved, vegetable-based pasta options spanning a growing assortment of trendy pasta shapes and three original flavors including: Veggiecraft Cauliflower Rotini, Veggiecraft Cauliflower Penne, Veggiecraft Cauliflower Spaghetti, Veggiecraft Cauliflower Elbows, Veggiecraft Zucchini Penne, Veggiecraft Zucchini Spaghetti, Veggiecraft Sweet Potato Penne, and Veggiecraft Sweet Potato Spaghetti.

These veggie-based pastas offer the perfect simple recipe swap and mealtime solution that parents, or anyone, can rely on to sneak a few extra veggies into their home meals and family dinners.

The Veggiecraft lineup is now available nationally in the pasta aisle at major retailers including Kroger, Food Lion, Publix and Winco, as well as on Amazon, for a suggested retail price of $3.49-$4.99. Veggiecraft is owned by Litehouse Inc., a leading consumer packaged foods company that’s been around for over 60 years. For more information, visit https://veggiecraft.com/ or find Veggiecraft in a store near you at https://veggiecraft.com/where-to-buy/.

About Veggiecraft:

Veggiecraft empowers consumers to feel good about the pastas they eat knowing there are veggies in every bite. With Veggiecraft pastas, turn mealtimes into a win-win with products that are delicious and nutritious. Made with just three ingredients, Veggiecraft pastas meet a variety of dietary needs (including gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher) and provide one-third of your daily recommended veggies per serving. Veggiecraft is part of the Litehouse, Inc. family of brands, with products available at major retailers across the United States. As a 100% employee-owned brand, we care deeply about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers and consumers. For more information, visit www.veggiecraft.com or check out our Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/eatveggiecraft/.

About Litehouse, Inc. 

Litehouse, Inc. started in the Hope, Idaho restaurant of the Hawkins family over 60 years ago. Since then, it has become a leader in refrigerated salad dressings, dips, sauces, cheese, and other innovative consumer packaged goods, manufacturing these delicious products at its five U.S. facilities based in Idaho, Michigan, Utah, and Virginia. The diverse portfolio of Litehouse, Inc. brands includes Litehouse, Veggiecraft, Organicville, and Sky Valley, as well as various licensed products with California Pizza Kitchen, Flavortown Sauces, and Health Nut Dressings. Products are available through general retail, e-commerce, foodservice, deli, member stores, and value-added goods, including meal and salad kits. Litehouse is proud to be 100% employee-owned, and each one of the employee-owners delivers on high standards of quality and innovation. For more information, visit www.litehousefoods.com.

Media Contacts:  Ryan Whitchurch Ryan.Whitchurch@litehousefoods.com 208-920-2000 Jill Knepper Jill.Knepper@ketchum.com 312-420-4789

Health Nut’s iconic salad dressings hit grocery stores nationwide

Health Nut’s Iconic Salad Dressings Hit Grocery Stores Nationwide

Restaurant chain often seen on reality TV and famous for its viral salad shake launches four mouthwatering dressings made with clean flavors and ingredients

CALABASAS, Calif., May 30, 2024 – Health Nut, renowned for its viral “salad shake,” is making a splash in grocery stores nationwide with the launch of its iconic salad dressings. The new Health Nut Dressing line features four mouthwatering flavors: Original House, Spicy Asian, Sesame, and Ranch. Each dressing promises to elevate the average salad from basic to trendy, embracing the essence of Health Nut's flavorful creations. As consumer demand for more exciting options grows, Health Nut meets the challenge with gluten-free, non-GMO dressings made from quality, fresh ingredients. Three of the four options are made with apple cider vinegar and are also vegan-friendly.

"We owe a lot to the tweet that changed everything for us," says Steve Choi, CEO of Health Nut. "Since then, we've continued serving the Kardashian and Jenner family delicious and healthy meals, and having her come on as our first investor solidified our relationship even further."

Just in time for summer, Health Nut, made famous by their viral "salad shake" frequently seen on reality TV and social media, is introducing iconic salad dressings that are now hitting grocery stores nationwide. The dynamic lineup of dressings delivers the beloved Health Nut quality and shakable flavor to homes across the country. Whether you crave tangy, spicy, or creamy flavors, Health Nut has you covered. Consumers can find these dressings in the produce section at major retailers nationwide. The full line up of dressings include:

  • Original House: Consider this your lettuce’s bestie: it’s loveable, enjoyable, and has great taste. The Original House dressing balances tangy apple cider vinegar with subtle Italian flavors to create a fragrant, savory dressing for any salad.
  • Spicy Asian: Sweet with a lot of heat. Spicy Asian blends deliciously mild sesame flavors with a pop of spice to ignite a bold, zesty dressing. Spice up salads with one of Health Nut's most famous foodie favs.
  • Sesame: Sesame has a secret. The combination of sesame, onion, and apple cider vinegar is the key to this subtle, sweet flavor. A delish dressing with wonderful flavor and texture, Sesame knows how to dress (your salad) to impress.
  • Ranch: .. Creamy... Dreamy... Made with a rich buttermilk, garlic, and delicious perfection, this dressing was made for a #foodie moment. A tangy, crisp Ranch this good can elevate your everyday salad from basic to bougie.

Coinciding the launch of Health Nut Dressings at grocery stores, Chef Khristianne U (aka Chef K), the Kardashian's Private Chef, will take part in a four-part series on social media titled, “Shake it Up with Chef K.” Each video will feature Chef K taking her spin on a Health Nut salad using one of the dressings now available at retailers nationwide.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of Health Nut's journey,” said Chef K, the Kardashian's Private Chef. “With the flavors these dressings bring, from the sweet heat of Spicy Asian to the beloved Original House, together, we're delivering Health Nut quality taste to homes across the country."

Starting May 30th, fans of Health Nut can tune in on @ChefKLA and @HealthNutLA to find each week’s episode. In addition to the “Shake it Up with Chef K” series, Health Nut will support the national launch of its new dressings through an integrated marketing campaign spanning social media, programmatic advertising, shopper marketing, and more.

The Health Nut Dressing line is located in the refrigerated produce section of grocery and mass retail stores starting May 2024, with a suggested retail price of $4.98-$5.49. For more information about Health Nut Dressings, visit https://www.shophealthnut.com/.

About Health Nut:

From its inception as a vitamin shop in 1988, Health Nut has evolved into a popular Southern California chain with a thriving online business. The restaurant is celebrated for its fresh ingredients and diverse menu options, including vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free offerings. For more information about Health Nut, visit www.healthnutla.com and www.shophealthnut.com.