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After the hectic summer season has started to wane, fall dinners are a wonderful way to slow down and reconnect with loved ones around the dinner table. We’ve curated some of our favorite warm and hearty fall recipes for you to enjoy!

Hearty Minestrone Soup Recipe

This easy Minestrone soup is a weeknight dinner hero! It’s packed with hearty vegetables like celery, carrots and onions, along with 3 types of beans, pasta and Litehouse® Freeze Dried Herbs for flavor. It’s kid-friendly, meal prep friendly and so delicious – what more could you ask for in a weeknight meal?

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Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

The ultimate game day at home food: buffalo cauliflower pizza with plenty of cheese and a cooling ranch drizzle! This recipe is vegetarian and a serious crowd-pleaser.

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Cheesy Herb Pull Apart Bread Recipe

This cheesy herb pull apart bread is made easy with a secret hack: pizza dough! The dough is transformed into small, pillowy rolls, stuffed with cheese, coated with an herb butter and baked to perfection. They’re a delicious treat on their own, or served as a side dish or appetizer in place of classic dinner rolls.

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Apple Pecan Blue Cheese Salad Recipe

This flavorful salad is made with mixed greens, crunchy cucumber, seasonal apples, pecans, blue cheese crumbles and creamy blue cheese dressing. It’s perfect as a side dish for a weeknight dinner, or as a holiday appetizer or side dish. Plus, it’s easy to assemble in just a few minutes and can be customized with various add-ins!

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Classic Charcuterie Board Recipe

Easily entertain guests (or your family) with savory cheese.  Pair with your favorite sides that offer little salt, a little crunch and a little sweet.

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Wild Rice Vegetable Soup Recipe

Need an easy soup recipe in your dinner rotation this fall? This hearty soup with plenty of vegetables, wild rice and Litehouse® Freeze Dried Herbs fits the bill! It’s easy to make in about 30 minutes and works well for a family dinner or as a meal prep lunch.

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