I just love the Litehouse Salad blend! I live by myself and mostly cook just for myself, and it's so much easier to put a pinch or a spoonful of this blend in a dish then to wash, peel, and chop up all the ingredients it contains. Plus I don't have to worry about what I don't use rotting in the refrigerator! I've added your salad blend to lots of things other than salads: soups, sauces, grain dishes, egg dishes, etc. Just this morning, I used it to season a baked egg dish; it saved a lot of chopping time and really made my brunch delicious. I have a suggestion regarding this product's use. I have only ever rehydrated it once, the first time I purchased it. I didn't think that worked well at all; it made a mucky mess! Ever since, I have just sprinkled or spooned it directly out of the jar into whatever I'm making, even uncooked dishes like salads. I think just about any dish has enough moisture in it for this to work. Perhaps you should change your packaging to reflect the fact that this blend is not just for salads and that it can be used without rehydration.
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